You get ONE shot! Monday 02/04/2019

Feb 3rd, 2019

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You get ONE shot! Monday 02/04/2019

Congratulations to ANA for completing 40 CDR classes in the month of January. She is determined to hit her goal weight loss and has blocked out all the times necessary to keep her on target.

We are doing a MYZONE points challenge this month.


How many classes are  you going to do this month here at CDR? Grab a post it and put it on the mirror!

You have one Life, one shot to live and you never know when your time is up! Take some time each day to take care of your body, block out times for you to workout regardless of how you feel, prep your food and for you to be with friends and family


This week is the week of the Ana challenge!! Burn 1000 calories every single day, except Sunday!

Get on a bike, row before or after class until you have hit your 1000 calories for the day. At the end of the week you will have 6000 calories almost 2lbs burnt off your hips!!

Feb, 4, 2019
EMOM 55 min
min 1-20
Assault 15/12-12/8-/9/6
Min 20-40
10 RM BS in 5 sets
Heavier than before
Min 45-55
10 min amrap
5- Power Cleans 155/105
7-Burpees o Bar


February, 5, 2019
min 1-12
Row 225/200
Min 15-30
Mu work skills
upper body strength work
See A on board
Min 35-55
EMOM 15 min
10 WB
10 BJO


February, 6, 2019
min 1-10
:30on :30 off burpees to plate
min 15-35
Snatch work
Build to a 3RM TNG
min 40-55
Hero WOD snatch


February, 7, 2019
EMOM 55 min
3-Sit ups
5-RIng Rows
6-Barbell Roll outs
**Perform each movement for
max reps on the min.


February, 8, 2019
min 1-10
30/25 calories Partner style
min 11-20
Build to 5 RM Thruster
min 21-30
5 MU
Min 31-40
50 DU
20 Pullups
Min 41-55
10-Dual DB Snatch
10- Dual DB Lunge
1 shuttle run
*Alternate Rounds
resting partner planks


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