Wednesday – 5/3/2017

May 2nd, 2017

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Wednesday – 5/3/2017

Wellness Wednesday

Gut health, performance and home brewed Kombucha. How does it all tie in together? What is Kombucha, what does it do and why are so many people at CDR brewing their own in the past few months? 

For a brief tie in of what gut health is and how it affects our performance as athletes AND our daily lives as humans just trying to live, check out this blog post from PurePharma HERE (it’ll give you the quick rundown of what it all is and why it’s important). You can always take a probitic supplement, but here is another option…

Kombucha is a lightly fermented tea (black or green) that contains probiotic strains (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium to help boost good/friendly bacteria in your body), organic enzymes, amino acids and vitamins that help with gut health and digestion, which essentially keeps your immune system on track. NO, it’s NOT a miracle drink that’s going to make you healthy and cure all your health problems by having one bottle of it, BUT it can aid in creating a healthy gut flora and help eliminate or ease some GI and health issues you may be having (poor digestion, bloating/inflammation, being sick all the time and having your gut flora thrown off by antibiotics, skin conditions, allergies & asthma). Also, it’s a delicious drink and nice alternative to water or your beverage of choice. It can be made plain (most beneficial due to low sugar and caffeine), with chia seeds (fiber anyone?) or with a small amount of fruit/fruit juice/herbs to change up the flavor. Mind you, adding fruit with add some sugar into the drink, so be aware of that.

If you’ve seen any of my (Jax) personal social media posts lately, you’ve probably seen a few pictures of what appears to be a crazy science experiment with multiple jars, tea and fruit, as I’ve been learning methods of how to and actually brewing my own Kombucha. My pantry has become my brewing storage space, and it keeps growing and taking over shelves. I’m not the only one – CDR member Elizabeth Raskin is the resident Kombucha pro – her stock pile and pantry put my small starter brewing to shame! If you have any questions after my quick blog post, you can do your own research or even talk to her – she is a huge proponent of gut health, priobiotics and incoporating kombucha and fermented foods into your diet. She’s a doctor, is extremely knoledgeable on the topic and always willing to talk about the benefits and methods of brewing (she’s gotten a few CDR members brewing their own now). 

SO why home brew your own? You’ve probably seen brands of kombucha in the produce, beverage or organic section of the store (it’s up at the front next door at Albertson’s), and have seen the hefy $3.59 price tag ber 16 oz bottle…it can become a habit that breaksa the grocery budget! This is a huge reason why I started brewing my own – it’s super easy and for the price of one store bought bottle, I can buy all the supplies I need to make gallons of this stuff. If you’re interested, talk to Elizabeth or check out THIS WEBSITE (which I used as a crash course in making my own) to see if it’s something you want to give a try! Here’s to happy brewing and happy gut health!


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