Wednesday 5.1.14

May 1st, 2014

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Wednesday 5.1.14

Teamwork makes the dream work

Bang Gae

Strength Cycle 

For these next 6 weeks, we are going to be doing a lot more strength in group class. We want to focus more on powerlifting type movements in order to improve your olympic lifts and overall strength capacity for workouts. Class will be a bit more fast-paced as we try to fit in additional work, so make sure you are here early and ready for class with all your gear in hand! Also, please stay on top of your mobility, as this increase in heavy lifting will take a toll on your muscles. Hopefully, by the end you will see some gains!


This Sunday The Barlows are hosting the first CDR-BQ of the summer! Please bring a side dish or dessert as CDR will be providing the meat. Also, please bring any drinks you like (and this includes adult beverages)! We are hoping that everyone will come, as this is your chance to meet and connect with people from different class times  photo 1-3
photo 4photo 4-1outside of the box! Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and volleyball skills for some pool and sand court action!

If you have any questions about what to bring, please ask a coach

The Barlows: 31168 Highland Ave 

Redlands, Ca 92374

Workout of the Day

Skill: 5 Rounds

5 DH Pullups

7 Supinated Bent Over Rows

9 Strict TTB

Team WOD



KB Thrusters #53/35


                                   OH Axle Bar Lunge #155/105

Sign up for class here!


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