Wednesday 2.27.13

Feb 26th, 2013

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Wednesday 2.27.13


Starting next week, Coach Jon will be running a Competition Prep Class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am and 5:30pm. These 90 minute classes are intended for athletes interested in competing in CrossFit events. The programming will be designed to provide a higher volume of work then you would normally see in group class. Olympic and powerlifting work will be followed by multiple met cons to better prepare you for CrossFit competitions. This is not a strength-biased class, there will be plenty of gymnastic work included. Appropriate for Intermediate, Advanced and Masters competitors. You’ll need to see a coach to be cleared so you can sign up online.

With the extra volume of work included in this program, athletes will be expected to devote additional time to mobility. You’ll also be strongly encouraged to see Mandy and/ or Andy for maintenance work.


CDR Endurance

Sign up for class here.

View WOD results here.


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