Wednesday 2.11.14

Feb 12th, 2014

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Wednesday 2.11.14

“The burden of failure is far heavier than that barbell. Don’t make excuses to skimp on your training. Give it your all every time.”

-Anonymous CrossFitter

Bring Your Sweetheart!

This Friday is Valentine’s Day, so we are going to have a very special WOD to celebrate love with a partner workout that’s sure to burn off those candy hearts! Feel free to bring your significant other or crush to wod with you on Friday!  Please have them sign up for a class, if they have not recently been to the box!

CDR Totals Make-up!

For those of you who missed CDR Totals on Monday, you can make them up tomorrow! Just make sure that a coach watches you in order for your lifts to count.

image-17 image-19 image-16

Workout of the Day

CDR Endurance

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