Wednesday 2.11.14

Feb 12th, 2014

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Wednesday 2.11.14

“The burden of failure is far heavier than that barbell. Don’t make excuses to skimp on your training. Give it your all every time.”

-Anonymous CrossFitter

Bring Your Sweetheart!

This Friday is Valentine’s Day, so we are going to have a very special WOD to celebrate love with a partner workout that’s sure to burn off those candy hearts! Feel free to bring your significant other or crush to wod with you on Friday! ¬†Please have them sign up for a class, if they have not recently been to the box!

CDR Totals Make-up!

For those of you who missed CDR Totals on Monday, you can make them up tomorrow! Just make sure that a coach watches you in order for your lifts to count.

image-17 image-19 image-16

Workout of the Day

CDR Endurance

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