Wednesday 12.4.15

Dec 4th, 2013

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Wednesday 12.4.15


Importance of Daily Maintenance

Let me ask you something, is your concept of an elite CrossFit athlete one who WODs multiple times a day, always lifts heavy, PR’s constantly, and is pain free? Sounds too good to be true?…well it is. Many of your favorite CrossFit superstars such as Annie Thorisdottir, Sam Briggs, Lindsey Valenzuela, Kristin Clever, and Mikko Salo have all had threatening injuries that have sidelined them from the sport they love. Being an elite athlete does not mean that you are indestructible, which is why Coach Calvin has sought out new techniques in order to heal our bodies and maintain them for many years to come–even beyond CrossFit. Coach Calvin has trained hard this past few years, always pushing his limits in order to attain his goal of getting to the Games (which he has accomplished twice!), however, that road has led him down the path of injury. He has been suffering going-on 11 weeks with a back injury that he has tried to treat with expensive therapy sessions in Beverly Hills and numerous visits to other specialists. However, there comes a point when you just can’t spend the money anymore and you need a more long-term solution for your body. Calvin still believes that traditional massage therapies and chiropractic therapies play a role in health and wellness, but there needs to be a way to extend these same benefits on your own. This is why Calvin has explored the area of stretch therapy, which uses different functional techniques to neurologically stimulate areas of the body in order to relieve pain and improve mobility. This type of therapy is different than the normal stretching that we have done in the past, and Calvin has had some really great results in the short amount of time he has been practicing stretch therapy.


I know some of you might feel like stretching is a waste of time, but trust me, your lack of mobility will catch up to you. Working out intensely is definitely needed in order for you to improve, but up to a point. We still need to listen to our bodies, even though injuries may not be immediately obvious. Our bodies have a very good way of adapting to changes in our musculature, but eventually, your tight muscles could do serious and/or long-term damage to your nervous system as well as impair your body mechanics and overall performance. We at CDR are encouraging you to come to Calvin’s stretch therapy session tomorrow morning from 5-7am, in order to learn these techniques and begin to utilize them everyday as part of your normal routine. CrossFit is more than lifting heavy and doing crazy long WODs, its also about being healthy and fit for LIFE, not just until you’re 30.

Workout of the Day

CDR Endurance 

Olympic Lifting Update

We will be continuing our Olympic Lifting seminar with Coach Jacob on Saturday Dec. 14th at 8am. There will be no 6am or 9am class. We will be reviewing the Snatch, so if you have been attending these seminars, please make sure to come and be ready to lift!

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