Wednesday 12.12.12

Dec 11th, 2012

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Wednesday 12.12.12


This goes out to our faithful paleo friends… Ever get tired of eating eggs for breakfast? Do you have a few meals that you make every week and they’re starting to get a little boring? Do you sometimes think you can’t possibly eat another bite of spinach? Or meat? The honeymoon has ended and food fatigue is setting in.

Don’t despair – it isn’t your body’s way of telling you to cave in and eat In-N-Out. But if you’d don’t pay attention to those feelings and make a few changes in your food routine, you might lose your desire to continue on your clean food path.

There are infinite combinations of meat, vegetables, fats, herbs, and spices. There are meats, vegetables and spices you’ve never tried. The easiest way to add variety is to try something you’ve never tasted before. You never know which vegetable will become your new favorite. Just using different spices can transform familiar ingredients. Share recipes with friends. Find an interesting ingredient in the store and then find a recipe for it.¬†Mix up your meals. Eggs can be great for quick weeknight dinners and leftovers can be an easy go-to when you’re rushed in the morning.

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