Wednesday – 11/18/2015

Nov 17th, 2015

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Wednesday – 11/18/2015


Wellness Wednesday…

It’s mid-November…with the colder weather and people of all ages being indoors more and in closer to proximity to each other, the likelihood of getting sick increases. Last week we had a post about the PurePharma blog and how we carry their line of products, and one of those products is their D3 which is found in their All3 pack on the shelves. We know that our bodies produce vitamin D naturally when the sun’s UVB rays hit our skin…we’re lucky enough to have PLENTY of sunshine in SoCal year round, but that still doesn’t seem to do the trick completely this time of year. If you need an extra boost, the PurePharma D3 vitamin is great for keeping your immune system strong, as well as boosting serotonin levels (aka a neurotransmitter that affects our sleep, appetite, sleep mood, sleep, appetite, etc. thus reducing the risk of depression) and maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth.



  • THANKSGIVING WEEK SCHEDULE: Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will only have a 9 AM class. Spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the holiday.


Workout of the Day



ROW 500M

10 BS @65-70%

REST 1:1


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