Wednesday 11.21.12

Nov 20th, 2012

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Wednesday 11.21.12


The Holiday Prep Challenge comes to an end today. Out of the 19 participants that started, 18 have finished successfully! We can’t wait to share all of the great results after final check-ins. But I couldn’t wait to share Rob L’s results with you. Rob followed the plan EXACTLY. He measured his food, he paid close attention to his proportions, he committed to his workouts, and he photographed all of his food for a month. We made adjustments as needed to keep him feeling strong and energetic. Rob is a firefighter and he couldn’t afford to have any downtime. In one month, Rob lost 12 pounds! He looks great and he has a plan to stay on track during the holidays. Congratulations to Rob! Commitment + Structured Paleo = Results!

The next Challenge will be starting January 14th! I am taking sign ups now and gift certificates will be available. Give yourself the gift of RESULTS to start your year off right!


View the WOD demo here.

Sign up for class here.


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