Wednesday 11.20.13

Nov 20th, 2013

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Wednesday 11.20.13

Strength in Numbers

Yvonne Pinzon-Olvera!


During our strength in numbers challenge Yvonee Pinzon-Olvera lost 32.5 lbs and 26 inches! T-mac had this to say about her-“Yvonne always had a good attitude and approached this challenge with positivity and determination. She totally embraced the new diet plan and was amazed at how she was losing weight and improving in her performance. She was very thankful for the experience and is enjoying her new lifestyle!”

When Yvonne first came to the box, she had severe pain in both knees and one arm. She could barely squat and was limited on her overhead range of motion. However, she was determined to get healthy, and started to come regularly at 9 am. Since then, her pain in both knees and arm have diminished and she is able to hit her depth in her squat! She was not afraid to ask coaches for modifications, and did so with the attitude that it was going to help her improve. I know many of us want to do all the WODs Rx, but everyone has to start somewhere and build a sold foundation first–and that’s exactly what Yvonne is doing! Good Work!


Workout of the Day

“Bring a Friend” Wednesday!

On the White Board

We hope you all grabbed a friend who’s been interested in CrossFit, or… perhaps someone who you just want to show off to! In any case tomorrow’s WOD will be a fun and memorable partner experience! Don’t miss out!


Bring your Sweetheart on Friday!!

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