Wednesday – 10/26/2016 – OLY SERIES!

Oct 25th, 2016

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Wednesday – 10/26/2016 – OLY SERIES!

Hey CDR!

Coach Tyler will be running an Intermediate OLY SERIES at CDR coming up starting November 19th! This series will build off of the beginner series, but is open to all athletes interested. The athlete CAP is extended to 15 people, sign up on the board, spots will fill up fast! Contact Tyler by email for any questions:

-4 weeks ($50) – Saturdays @ 7:45-9AM – Dates: Nov. 19th, Dec. 3rd, Dec. 10th, Dec. 17th (skipping over Thanksgiving weekend).

-Will develop skills and mechanics through drills, complexes, EMOM, etc.

-Will receive accessory work, and homework for the week to improve strength and get more practice.

-Must have minimum 4 months experience in CrossFit or have taken the beginner series.

-Athletes are expected to know most terminology and fundamentals of the olympic lifts.

-For the athlete that wants to get stronger, increase power, improve technique and put more of an emphasis on weightlifting in their training.

Wellness Wednesday

We’ve all seen the Reebok CrossFit “Be More Human” commercial (click HERE if you haven’t seen it), where they’ll show people training and then “real life” situations. After seeing some of our members participate in this past weekend’s “Use Your Fitness” Day with the hike in Crafton Hills, did you reflect on ways you use your training outside of the box? Are you a parent chasing after kids, a firefighter hauling heavy equipment and moving constantly, work in construction picking up heavy objects, did you help someone move recently? Do you rock climb, bike, hike, swim, participate in Spartan RacesĀ in your free time as another hobby? We don’t even realize how much the stuff we do inside the box that transfers over to our daily lives! How do YOU use your fitness in your day-to-day life? How have CrossFit and CDR helped YOU? Send me, Jax, pics and stories and I can tell your story on our social media – we love to see what our members do outside of group class and extra training – everyone has their own unique story!

Workout of the Day

Warm Up: Row a 1/k-2/k-3/k for time (Groups of 3 1 person at each)

STRENGTH: Max 3 position Snatch
Floor/Below Knee/Above knee

0-3 Minutes max Burpee Ring Mu or Burpee Pullup
3-6 Minutes max burpee Bar MU or Burpee TTB



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