Wednesday 10.30.12

Oct 30th, 2012

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Wednesday 10.30.12


The CDR pumpkins were amazing! Our members are as creative as they are strong! Calvin announces the winner here.


How many days a week should you WOD? That depends on your goals. More isn’t always better. If your main focus throughout the week is working out as often as you possibly can, but you aren’t making time to plan and prep your food, or you aren’t getting enough sleep, more workouts isn’t the answer.

For most people, 3 to 4 WODs each week is effective. When combined with clean eating and good rest & recovery strategies, 3 to 4 WODs per week will get you excellent body composition results, improved athletic performance and strength, decreased risk of injury and improved overall health. The key is to balance all three components – exercise, food, and rest/ recovery.

The next consideration is the quality of your WODs. When you come in, do you spend your full 15 minutes warming up and preparing for class? Do you take the group warm up seriously and move from movement to movement with purpose? Do you give 100% during your lifting time and your WODs?

Maybe you’re distracted when you come in or you tend to arrive late and rush through your warm up. Maybe you’re holding back in your WODs, knowing that you have to save a little for all of the other WODs you have planned during the week. Maybe you don’t like taking the full rest periods prescribed during a met con or a strength session. Any of these compromises to the quality of your workout will cheat you out of the full benefits.

Compromising the quality of your workouts can’t be offset by increasing the quantity of workouts. Rather than thinking more is better, work on improving the focus and intensity of your workouts. Your coaches program CDR WODs to get you the best results in 3 to 4 WODs per week while minimizing injuries. Your contribution to the effectiveness is your focused attention and maximum effort. Quality is more important than quantity!


Halloween WOD!

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