Wednesday 10.10.12

Oct 9th, 2012

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Wednesday 10.10.12

One of the benefits of belonging to a CrossFit affiliate is the warm welcome that you will receive when visiting other CrossFit boxes across the county, and around the world. We love hearing from our traveling members about their experiences at other boxes – similarities, differences, ideas, things that make them appreciate CDR even more. And we really love the idea that our CDR members are ambassadors for the sport, creating relationships, and representing the CDR spirit wherever they go. We are quite fond of the idea of community here and we believe that community gets bigger every time our members make connections around the world.

One of our recent travel dispatches comes from Paul D, traveling in Portugal,

Attached are a few photos I took at Crossfit Palmela. More pictures are available on their Facebook page

Despite the major economic crisis in Portugal, Diogo Henriques and his wife Noémi Gomes  are committed to providing their rural community with opportunities to forge wellness and health. They are creating a world-class Crossfit experience and will soon start offering Crossfit kids to their community. Palmela and the surrounding towns rely on agriculture (fruit and wine) and industry (Volkswagen-Ford) for their economy. They really challenge their members with a wide variety of workouts with an emphasis on CF Endurance. The box is a retired horse barn on their property which is actually zoned for agriculture. Both are trained in traditional physical fitness as trainers, but switch to Crossfit recently and are proponents of the growing CF movement in Portugal.
Diogo was extremely kind, refused to let me pay, gave me detailed directions via the train, gave me a protein bar, and even picked me up / dropped me off at the train station. All that being said – he kicked my butt pretty good. I had a great time and it has been my most interesting on-the-road Crossfit experience yet. They loved their CDR shirts and he even wore his on Wednesday.
Next week is Munich and Prague.
– Paul
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