Wednesday 1.22.14

Jan 22nd, 2014

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Wednesday 1.22.14

The Pre-Workout Meal:

Is it Important?

I’ve been hearing the subject of a pre-workout meal come up a lot recently, and this confusion could have some serious detrimental effects on your performance. When we as coaches see some of you guys poop out during a workout, we often ask, “When was the last time you ate?” Most of the time people have not eaten for more than 4 hours, or not since dinner the night before. At this point your body is depleted of muscle fueling glycogen.

CrossFit workouts are usually short in duration and high in intensity, which means that glucose is the preferred substrate for energy, as it works without oxygen to rapidly supply ATP to the muscle fibers. Fat is not utilized until this glycogen is depleted.  This process is very complicated and takes more time, so fat is used for longer-lasting workouts with lower levels of intensity.

So what should I eat beforehand? Preferably, you should workout within 2-4 hours of eating a normal meal, and within 30-90 of a pre-workout snack. This snack should consist of a moderate amount of protein (10-20 grams), more carbohydrates (30-50 grams…remember carbs=fuel!) and a low amount of fat (5-7 grams). However all this depends on several factors-gender, age, how often  you workout, how intense you workout, and your individualized goals. But, honestly, it’s a lot of trial and error! Feel free to ask T-mac or any of the other coaches for some helpful ideas.  Here’s some articles with good examples of pre-workout meals.

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CDR Endurance

New Nano 3.0’s are here!

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