Wednesday 1.2.13

Jan 1st, 2013

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Wednesday 1.2.13

New Year’s Resolutions – Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em

Love ’em or hate ’em, New Year’s resolutions have a bad rap. Here today, gone tomorrow. They never stick around anyway, so why bother? Research shows that 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and of those 45%, 46% are still hanging in there 6 months later. And consider this…

People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.

A New Year’s resolution is really just a goal that is made at the beginning of the year. And we know that goal setting, smart goal setting, is important for achieving things that are important to us. But the New Year’s resolution has a special place in our collective psyche because we associate the new year with a new beginning – out with the old, in with the new. Kind of like Spring Cleaning. Spring isn’t the only time we clean our houses, but we like the feeling of doing it at a time associated with renewal. So why not take this time to think about what you want to accomplish for the year and make a resolution (call it a goal if you really must)?

Seven Strategies for Highly Effective New Year’s Resolutions from

Don’t forget, you have your CDR coaches as a great resource to help you set and achieve your specific goals! If you haven’t already claimed your profile on SocialWOD, do that today! On the right side of your personal page, you will see a Goal box. You can set goals that your coaches will be able to see. Your coaches are here to support you, hold you accountable, cheer for your along the way and celebrate your success with you!


Fritz and Victoria will be coaching all classes this week while Jacob enjoys his FIRST vacation in the two years that he has been coaching at CDR! Calvin, Rachel, and Jacob look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!


We will now be receiving monthly grass-fed beef deliveries from J & J Grassfed Beef. Check out their website,, to find out what they are all about. If you want to buy meat, go to their “How to Purchase” page and sign up for their CSA program. Once you sign up, you can choose a CSA pack to purchase. The packs range from 4 lbs to 17 lbs and the price per pound ranges from $9.25 to $13.75, depending on the cuts. After you order a CSA pack, you can choose individual cuts to add to your order – they have everything including ground beef, roasts, steaks, sausage, jerky, organ meat, and bones. The beef will be delivered to CDR once a month – the 3rd Thursday of every month and the cut off to order is the Wednesday prior. After you sign up, you’ll get reminder emails of the deadlines every month! You don’t need to order every month. The meat will be stored in a designated freezer here at CDR until you are able to pick up (but we can’t be responsible for any damage to meat left at CDR after the delivery date). Every order will be packaged and labeled by J & J, so pick up will be easy.

Order by January 9th for delivery on January 17th! 


The challenges are filling up quickly! Pay by January 7th to save your spot.

A CDR Challenge is the perfect way to jumpstart your body composition or performance goals. If you’ve already made significant progress toward your goals, a challenge can help push you to the next level. When participants follow the plan that it is provided, we see amazing results. This time, the plans are tailored even more to help you reach your goals.

Participants will receive an email on the 8th that will include handouts, weekly check-in information, workout expectations, and kick off meeting information. Even if you can’t attend a kick off meeting, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Hydrostatic body fat testing is including in the Get Yoked, Get Lean, and Get Fit Challenges.

Email with questions.


On the whiteboard.

Sign up for class here.



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