Wednesday 1.15.14

Jan 15th, 2014

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Wednesday 1.15.14

Open Registration is Live!

Starting tomorrow January 15th, the 2014 Open Registration begins. You have little over one month to gear up for this year’s open workouts, which I’m sure will promise to give us some old favorites as well as present new diabolical, I mean fun, workouts. Last year we saw burpees, snatches, wall balls, double-unders, muscle-ups, thrusters, chest to bar pull-ups, box jumps, clean and jerks, dead lifts, and shoulder to overhead. However, CrossFit is becoming more creative with their workouts, so who knows what movements they will release this year…rowing, sprints, kettlebell swings, pistols, handstand pushups, ring dips, or dare I say it…handstand walks?! You just never know what they will throw at you, that’s why you must “prepare for the un-knownable.” As the Open approaches, you will be seeing more burpee work during class (we definitely expect these to make an appearance!) as well as AMRAPs, because that will be the style of every Open workout. So how are YOU preparing for the Open? Taking on one of T-mac’s Challenges, putting in some extra skill work before or after class, or coming in 5 days a week? There are many ways to prepare yourself for the 5 week Open schedule and our coaches at CDR are here to help. Let us know what your goals are, so during class we can help you and push you to achieve them! Let’s go Team CDR!

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Workout of the Day

CDR Endurance

CA Affiliate Showcase!!!

On January 26th we are now having 5 teams compete in this Legendary Competitor Competition. This year the NLI team has amped up the workouts, and are going to introduce movements like burpee deadlifts, partner wheelbarrow carries, handstand walks, and squat snatches. Our athletes are very excited to compete once again, and we hope that you all can come out and support us! Your cheering and smiling faces are part of our success–go CDR!

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