Wednesday 09.11.13

Sep 11th, 2013

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Wednesday 09.11.13

PurePharma All3 Available At CDR!

A more convenient and cost effective way to purchase your PurePharma supplements has arrived!

PurePharma recently launched a new product All3 – a 30 day supply of all 3 of their supplements: O3, M3, and D3 in daily dose packets.

These products have been tested and are used by CDR coaches:

  • M3: Magnesium & Zinc supplement, which helps with optimal muscle functioning, preventing soreness, and rebuilding muscle after exercise.
  • D3:  Natural Vitamin D supplement, which helps aid calcium absorption, develop strong bones, and enhance immunity function.
  • O3: Ultra pure fish oil, which has immense benefits to overall health and fitness including decreasing inflammation and aiding in recovery.

Available at CDR! Please ask a coach if you have any questions about taking these supplements!

Redlands Rumble WOD #3 THIS FRIDAY!

Hey Redlands Rumblers! We will be doing “Chip Off the O’ Block” this Friday. Make sure to talk to your teammates and try to attend the same class. We can’t wait to watch you all compete next Saturday!!!!

Workout of the Day

We will be doing a WOD in remembrance of the day that unites us all together.

9-11 WOD: As Many Rounds As Possible in 9:11

  • 9 Thrusters (#95/#65)
  • 11 Push-ups

Sign up for class here




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