Wednesday 09.04.13

Sep 4th, 2013

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Wednesday 09.04.13

Welcome to CDR!

Make sure to say hello and introduce yourselves to our newest members…

Sara Alcantar, Westley Burchett, Sandile Mduba, Craig Smith, Lorena Calderon, Todd Ehrler, John Lenertz, Freddie Gibson, Travis Gasaway, Lisa Erickson, Albert Munoz, Heather Metz, Corinne Woods, Faith Noerr, Cameron Noerr, Laura Yegge, Luis Curiel, Kyrellos  Ibrahim, Anastia Ibrahim, Luke Shibley, Carrie Rodgers, Drew Sullivan, Stephanie Sullivan, & Robert Pincus.

We look forward to partnering with you in your fitness journey here at CDR! Feel free to write your goals on our goal board so we know how to best encourage you. We love that you are a part of the CDR community! 

Workout of the Day

CDR Endurance:

15 X 100m sprints

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