Wednesday 07.17.13

Jul 17th, 2013

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Wednesday 07.17.13

Have you seen these products??

We have some great products for sale at the box!! These products have been tested and recommended by CDR coaches to help you perform and feel your best!

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer  (we are selling for $40.00….flavors include lemon lime & acai berry)












Coach Calvin uses this product regularly and says it gives him extra energy and great mental focus both before and during WODs.

It is a clean product made of “A unique blend of 13 synergistic plant-based performance-improving ingredients, like green tea, yerba mate, coconut oil and rhodiola” designed to “Provide immediate and sustained energy, increase endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, & enhance mental focus and recovery.”

Harbinger Core Belts for Men & Women (we are selling for $20.00)












These belts are used by Team CDR & recommended for all members for heavy lifting.

They provide core stability and are also a good source of mental confidence during lifts.

Workout of the Day

  • 30 Overhead Squats
  • 800m Run

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