Tuesday 9.25.12

Sep 24th, 2012

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Tuesday 9.25.12

You are invited to join us on Thursday when we present our donation check to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Meet at CDR at 10am. We will head over to LLUCH around 10:30.


Nutritional supplements are intended to enhance your clean eating efforts – they do not make up for a diet of poor food choices. Once you’ve started to identify the best foods to fuel your performance, its time to start thinking about supplementing to be sure you’re getting everything you need. Many processed foods are enriched with vitamins and nutrients to ensure that a population that exists largely on processed foods isn’t suffering from outright malnutrition. As we ween ourselves off of these processed foods, and stick to a meat and veggies routine, we might be missing out on some critical nutrients. How can that be? At least in the beginning of our paleo adventures, most of us stick to a fairly narrow list of choices – common cuts of beef and chicken with vegetables that can be commonly found in the grocery store. Many of our vegetables are grown in soil depleted of nutrients, we avoid the sun for fear of skin cancer, and we avoid organ meat (beef heart, anyone?) because it sounds gross. So we don’t get all of the vitamins and minerals we need, even if we’re eating cleaner than ever before.

There are a few basic supplements that act as insurance to make sure you’re getting what you need to fuel your performance.

  • Multi-Vitmain Choose a high quality, broad spectrum, multi.
  • Fish Oil because inflammation kills. We use SFH Super Omega 3 (I personally prefer the tangerine flavor!) and at 1tsp a day, you get the biggest bang for your buck. If you truly can’t handle the thought of liquid fish oil, try Pure Pharma O3. Both are available at CDR.
  • Vitmain D3 Necessary for absorption of calcium to build and maintain healthy bones. Our bodies actually make D3 when we get enough sun exposure. But most of us spend the majority of our time inside of our homes or offices. When we’re outside, we’re often covered up or slathered in sunscreen to protect ourselves from concerns about premature aging and skin cancer. Most of us don’t get enough, consistent sun exposure so adding a D3 supplement is a smart move. We are using Pure Pharma D3 – one tiny pill a day (you can double up in the winter).
  • Magnesium Maintains normal muscle and nerve function, supports the immune system and keeps bones strong. Magnesium is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system and we’re seeing huge benefits to quality of sleep simply by adding a magnesium supplement. Magnesium also appears to help with leg cramping or restless leg syndrome. Pure Pharma offers an M3, as a complement to their D3, and we’re smitten.
  • Protein We are all busy and it can be tough to get in three structured paleo meals a day. An easy way to get one of those meals covered is to make a green smoothie. We recommend SFH Pure Whey or Rejuvenate to use in your meal shakes. Rejuvenate has the added benefit of glucosamine and chrondroitin for joint support (got achy knees?).
  • Recovery Protein is in a class of its own – because it deserves your attention! One scoop of SFH Recovery, with 8oz of cold water, after a workout, will support maintenance and building of muscle.
This is a basic list that covers the needs of most of us with clean diets and regular WODs. But everyone is different. If you have any questions about how best to support your performance and reach your goals, talk to a coach.
Supplements don’t replace hard work and good food, but they will support your efforts. 
You never know where in the world CDR will show up! Kaleo is representing in Moscow!


Watch for demo video to be posted of Facebook! We’ve got a great chipper for you!

**CrossFit Totals is on October 1st. Plan to attend that day!**


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