Tuesday 9.11.12

Sep 10th, 2012

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Tuesday 9.11.12


Today was a good day for PRs! Out of 140 people, 131 set a new personal record on their Clean max.

We want to recognize two more of our students who WOD before school. Kyle hit a 103 lb clean today, while Priscilla hit 130 lbs. We are so proud of their work ethic. They are truly the future of CrossFit.




Starting October 1st, we will be offering CDR Gold class at 7am on Mondays and Wednesdays. CDR Gold is for our CDR members who only get better with age. More details to come!

Good Fight Update

Place your Good Fight shirt order now! Men’s t-shirts and ladies tanks will be available, featuring a special design just for the Good Fight event. If you are signed up for the WOD, your shirt is included in the sign up fee and your name is already listed on the order form – you only need to indicate your size and list any additional shirts you want to purchase. Both shirt order forms are at the front desk. We will be taking orders for just a few days so put your order in NOW!

Good Fight Challengers can now sign up for “after” body fat testing. Testing will take place on Friday, 9/21, and Saturday, 9/22. Sign up sheets are at the front desk.

We are still accepting auction items. You can start bidding now on the amazing items that have already been donated. Check the wall near the rowers for bidding sheets!

How Are We Doing?

At CDR, we have a few ways of measuring success. One way is on max effort days, when we can measure the progress that our members have made. This tells us the effectiveness of our programming. And you knocked it out of the park today! Another way we measure success is from your feedback. We appreciate all of the feedback we get from our members. It is so valuable to us, that we’re enlisting the help of Listen 360, who will be sending out short feedback requests on our behalf. You won’t receive emails from them more often than once every 90 days. If you receive an email from Listen 360, we would sure appreciate it if you took a moment to reply. We’ll even be offering some incentives along the way, for those of you that respond!


Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds, max reps each minute, of…

  • wall ball (20/14)
  • sumo deadlift high pull
  • box jump
  • push press (75/55)
  • row (for calories)

Sign up for class here.


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