Tuesday 8.28.12

Aug 27th, 2012

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Tuesday 8.28.12

I read this today and wanted to share it with the CDR community. This came from a Facebook post by the folks at Whole9…

The simple absence of grains or dairy or whathaveyou in stuff you eat doesn’t make it “Paleo”. A Paleo way of life is about choosing to partake in a “nutrient-dense life”, complete with deeply nourishing food, emotionally satisfying social relationships, and genuine interaction with the natural (i.e. outside) world. Embrace the spirit of the lifestyle instead of seeking ways to work around it. Relying on a blend of dried fruit and nuts isn’t “Paleo” – it’s just overeating trail mix.

Its true, there is a difference between eating paleo because it seems like what you should be doing it and embracing a whole host of healthy habits that include intense and satisfying workouts, nutrient-dense foods that support your performance, and rest and recovery – for the body and the mind. You can get more at http://whole9life.com.

By the way – Tuesday will be a do-over on the organic green smoothies! Be sure to come in and try our super smoothie!


Skill – Handstand pushups

WOD – 21-15-9

  • chest to bar pull ups
  • overhead squat (115/75)
  • burpees



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