Tuesday 5.21.13

May 21st, 2013

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Tuesday 5.21.13

2013 Reebok CrossFit Games – July 22-28

As you know, Team CDR will be competing at the CrossFit Games in July. This is the final, international competition of the year  for the sport of fitness to determine the fittest on earth. Tickets sold out within minutes of becoming available online. You can find tickets on Ebay or StubHub – single day passes and three day passes. While there have been rumors that additional tickets will be released at a later date, we don’t have any reason to believe this is true. If you are able to find tickets at a reasonable price, we recommend that you purchase them!

So, they made it to the Games. What does this mean for me?

Of course, it is very exciting that Team CDR qualified. But you may be wondering if this impacts you, as a member. Let me tell you, this experience is more valuable to our box than just enjoying the bragging rights. Competition is a test of the programming and strategies used by the team all year. In addition to training, they also have to pay attention to their recovery and nutrition. Last year, they employed programming strategies from another coach that varied quite a bit from what you would experience here as a member. In the end, team members ended up tired, injured, and more than a little beaten up.

This year, the decision was made that the team would train exclusively with CDR programming and strategies. And guess what – those strategies don’t vary too much from what is designed for our members. The team adds some extra volume and additional skill work. But basically, they are training in a way very similar to what we recommend for our members – consistent CDR-programmed WODs, attention to recovery/ listening to the body (avoid over training!), and clean nutrition.

These competition experiences test our Coaches’ skills and provides them with new insights and strategies that they use while training our members. Being trained by Games athletes means that you train with the best – they are tested and proven. They walk the walk and our members get the benefits of all of that hard work!

Team CDR Fundraising Event

Last year, CDR paid all expenses related to Team CDR’s trip to the Games. We are lucky to live so close to the venue so we don’t have the cost of airfare. But meals, hotels and incidentals will cost well over $8,000. With the recent move to the new location, new equipment and construction, CDR won’t have the luxury of paying expenses for all of the members. As is true for most other teams, members will be responsible for paying their own way this year. We want this to be about their training and commitment, without the worry of breaking the bank! We are planning a fundraising event and silent auction to assist team members with their expenses. We’ll have more details soon. If you have ideas for businesses or individuals that might be interested in sponsoring or donating to the silent auction, please email jenny@crossfitcdr.com or tamera@crossfitcdr.com.

Memorial Day WOD

Join us on Monday for a Memorial Day Hero WOD – “The Seven” at 9am. All other classes are canceled on Monday.


Strength – 1 press + 2 push press (add 5/10lbs for every successful lift)

WOD – Vinbata-style

  • 50 burpees
  • 40 overhead squats
  • 30 sit ups
  • 20 box step ups
  • 10 pull ups/ dips

Sign up for class here.

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