Tuesday 5.20.14

May 20th, 2014

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Tuesday 5.20.14

When you say “It’s hard”, it actually means “I’m not strong enough to fight for it”. Stop saying its hard. Think positive!


Half of succeedin401801_449471335146869_286686170_ng, is staying positive and believing in yourself. CrossFit is not only about strength and skill, it is about confidence in yourself, and the belief that you can do it. This confidence is not easy to come by. It takes practice, but it first starts with telling yourself that “I can” and pushing those negative thoughts from our minds. I’m sure many of us have learned this the hard way, and has experienced the regret of not trying hard enough or giving up. CrossFit is just one part of life where we can build our confidence, and this can carry over to our jobs, school, and relationships. So let’s be strong and get after it!

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Workout of the Day

Strength: Clean and Jerk Max


10 DB Thrusters #40/25

10 Burpees to 1′ Target

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