Tuesday 3.25.14

Mar 25th, 2014

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Tuesday 3.25.14

Being defeated is often a temporary condition.  

Giving up is what makes it permanent.


It has been awesome and inspiring to see so many members break through barriers and get some PR’s during this Open season. So many of you surprised yourselves on your performance, but it’s just a sign of all the hard work and determination you have put into your lifts, endurance, and gymnastics skills. Even if you didn’t make it very far in the workout, but you PR’d on an overhead squat, a clean, a chest to bar, or toes to bar, these little victories are progress! Take the opportunity to congratulate yourself for being better than yesterday, it’s these small steps that let you reach your goals. We have one more Open workout to go, and I’m sure Dave Castro will not disappoint. Go into this last workout knowing that your success is not measured against everyone else, but against yourSELF!

Team CDR is currently in 10th place! Regionals here we come!

Upcoming Events

  • 3/29th–> Inner Box Battle! Event Schedule, Heat Lists, and Workouts will be posted by Friday!
  • 3/30th–>Chad Davis Farewell Dinner at The Mexico Cafe at 3 pm. Come join us to say goodbye to one of CDR’s most generous and gracious members!
  • 4/17th–>Family Services Easter Baskets
  • 4/29th–>Run Through Redlands 5K race!

For more information about these events, please visit our Updates and Events page here.

Workout of the Day

Gymnastics: 3 RFT

10 C2B

10 Burpees 6″ Target

Strength: 3 rep Tap-n-Go Clean plus 1 Jerk (Heavy as Possible)

WOD: 21-15-9

Thrusters #75/52 Adv= #95/65

Shuttle Sprint

Sign up for class here! 


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