Tuesday 2.5.13

Feb 4th, 2013

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Tuesday 2.5.13


CDR’s 3rd Annual Inner Box Battle takes place on Saturday, 8am, at CrossFit CDR. Bring your friends and family! Bring an easy up and some chairs. We’ll have space available in the parking lot to set up your camp for the day. Wild Rocket will have food available for sale on site. Lululemon will be there with workout clothing for sale. We’re planning to have new Reebok gear for sale as well. There is no cost for spectators – the more the merrier!


IBB competitors should plan to WOD Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday should be a rest day and Friday should be a light WOD plus MWOD.

There will be no heavy lifting after Monday.

Maintain your current nutrition through the day before. The night before, enjoy a nice steak, with vegetables and plenty of greens! Don’t suddenly increase your veggie amount the day before or make any other drastic changes. This won’t be an issue for our Get Fit, Get Lean, and Get Yoked participants.

Suggestions for the day of competition:
Normal egg breakfast
Lunch green smoothie
Eat some dried fruit and nuts post wod
Recovery for wods 1 and 2
Huge cheat meal post wod 4 (moderate free meal for challengers having their body fat tested the following day)


Strength – Tuesday 20s

WOD – 100 doubles unders, then

AMRAP 5 minutes of..

  • 7 hand release burpee box jumps
  • 14 toes to bar

Sign up for class here.

View WOD results and claim your profile here.


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