Tuesday 12.31.13

Dec 31st, 2013

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Tuesday 12.31.13

Happy New Year!

Have any of you made New Year’s resolutions? Most think that the new year is a great time to start over, but you don’t have to wait until January 1st to start tackling some new skill or to make a change. I know many people want to get that first muscle-up, kipping pull-up, or handstand push-up, but just don’t know where to start. There are many skills in CrossFit that are difficult to master, and it takes years of hard-work and dedication, but don’t feel discouraged. The most important challenge in tackling new skills is setting REALISTIC goals. Many of us want so badly to get that first muscle-up, but haven’t mastered dead hang pull-ups or ring-dips, two moves that are essential for the muscle-up. If you do not practice on mastering these foundational skills and just try to get a muscle-up, chances are you’ll fail and then want to give up. CrossFit is not about feeling disappointed or embarrassed, it’s about admitting your weaknesses and doing something positive to improve them. I am going to encourage everyone to make a goal for their 2014 CrossFit season, whether its a muscle-up, bodyweight snatch, or 300 lb. dead lift, and share it with a coach. We are always here to provide you with techniques and strategies in order to achieve your goals and get you REAL results!

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Workout of the Day

Come celebrate the New Year with us and tackle this WOD…it’s sure to get you in the spirit for 2014!

500 m row


14 Power Snatches #115/75 (Adv= 135/95)

20 Pull-Ups (Adv=C2B)

14 Thrusters #115/75 (Adv=135/95)

20 BJ # 30″/24″

14 Power Cleans #115/75 (Adv=135/95)

20 TTB

14 Front Squats #115/75 (Adv=135/95)

20 KBS #70/53 (Adv=97/70)

14 Burpee Dead lifts #115/75 (Adv=135/95)

50 DU’s

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