Tuesday 12.3.13

Dec 3rd, 2013

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Tuesday 12.3.13


When we think of Christmas, most of us think of one thing: PRESENTS!! However, not every family is fortunate enough to buy presents for their loved ones. This year, CrossFit CDR is adopting 4 families from the Family Service Association in Redlands who need some help buying gifts. These families are struggling with obtaining basic necessities such as food and clothing, so if you are able, we are asking you to please donate a gift. Giving these families a present, no matter how small, can bring Christmas joy into their hearts and remind them that this time of year is not about money, but about the love we have for each other. Here are the families that we are adopting with some information about their Christmas list:

Family Number: 123 

  • Mother Tina has one boy, Anthony age 14, and two girls, Justine age 8 and Lanessa age 4. Tina would like a gift card this year, and her oldest son Anthony would like games for his Xbox or computer. Anthony also enjoys music, the color blue, and reading books about boxing. Younger daughter Justine would like anything Justin Beiber, coloring books, or fiction books about fairies. Youngest daughter Lanessa’s favorite color is pink and she would like Hello Kitty toys, puzzles, or coloring books.

Family Number: 124

  • Mother Sherie has four young boys: Shaunoree, 12, Derrick, 11, DeJonnie, 10, and Darnell, 9. Sherie would like things for her kitchen such as dishes, a toaster, and glasses. Shaunoree plays basketball and track and would like books about science, and Derrick plays baseball and likes the color blue. Younger brothers DeJonnie likes skateboarding and the color brown, and Darnell plays soccer and likes the color black.

Family Number: 125

  • Parents Jessica and Fred have twin girls Freida and Fredicka, age 9. Jessica would like boots and Fred would like clothes for Christmas. Their twin girls do cheer and dance, and would like Hello Kitty or Disney princess Tiana toys. Frieda’s favorite color is pink with sparkles and Fredicka’s favorite color is purple with sparkles, and they would also like books about animals and fairies.

Family Number: 126

  • Mother Lola has two young twin girls, Vonna and Louvie, age 9. Lola would like some easy sewing patterns as a gift this year. Her daughter Vonna does dance and cheer, and would like Hello Kitty toys, Judi B. Jones books, or art crafts. Her other daughter Louvie likes the color lavender with sparkles, and also likes skateboarding and bike riding. She would like Barbie/Disney princess toys or art crafts. Both girls are reading at a 4th grade level.

Remember, these families lack adequate transportation, so please do not make any gifts too heavy or cumbersome. Also, since food items are difficult for these families to transport, a gift card for a holiday meal or for the grocery store (i.e. Stater Bros.) would be greatly appreciated.

On our christmas tree this year, there will be gift tags indicating a family member and an item that they want for christmas. Simply pick a tag, buy the gift for that person, and bring it in no later than DECEMBER 15th. The gift should include the name of family member and the family number. 


Workout of the Day

Skill: 3 Rounds

5 Chest to Bar (Adv=MU), 10 HSPU, 10 TTB

WOD: 3 Rounds

300m Row

12 KBS #70/53

Also, our Christmas tree needs help too! Please bring in an ornament with your name on it and put it on our CDR tree. So let’s show our CDR spirit and make our tree one Santa would be proud of!

Schedule Update!

Tomorrow from 5am-7am Coach Calvin will be putting on a 2-hour stretch therapy session. There will be no bootcamp at 5 am. If any of you are suffering from tight shoulders, quads, hamstrings, or just have problems with mobility, I encourage you to check out this class!

Sign up for class here!


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