Tuesday 12.24.13

Dec 24th, 2013

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Tuesday 12.24.13

Merry Christmas!

I hope eDSC_0266veryone has had time to enjoy the holiday season, and hopefully have finished all your shopping! If, however, you are like me (I tend to procrastinate), there is still time to buy an amazing last-minute gift! Starting in January, the New Year-New YOU challenge begins! This makes a great gift for anyone looking to get a jump start on their New Year through an 8-week total body transformation program. Once again, this challenge will be a combination of carb-cycling, a cleanse week, and scheduled cheat meals. This challenge will also feature hydrostatic body composition testing, which is currently the GOLD standard for body fat measurement used among medical professionals! Body composition includes both body fat and fat-free mass (i.e. muscle) measurements! In addition to hydrostatic weighing, challengers will get a grocery store tour with T-Mac where she will show you how to  navigate the aisles so that shopping can be quick, efficient, and healthy! The cost of the challenge is $300, and both the body composition and grocery store tour are included if you buy this by Dec. 24th! If you are interested in getting your body composition measured, the initial cost is $49 and the retesting cost is $35. I strongly encourage those who have never done a challenge to take advantage of this special offer and get prepared to see amazing results! DSC_0267

For more information on hydrostatic body composition testing, check out their website, and if you have questions regarding the procedure and do/dont’s for testing, feel free to email T-Mac at tracey@crossfitcdr.com

Christmas Eve


Remember to dress in your favorite holiday gear to celebrate Christmas CDR-style!

AMRAP 24 minutes….48 reps of each:

C 2 B Pull-Ups

H overing medball

R olling Box Jump


S ingle Leg Squats

T oes to Bar

M edball cleans

A round the parking lot

S it-ups

W all ball double pump

O ne-arm snatch

D ouble-Unders


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