Tuesday 11.25.13

Nov 26th, 2013

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Tuesday 11.25.13

Welcome New Coach:

Ian Ligan!

Ian Ligan has been a member of CrossFit CDR for 2 years, and has made great improvements throughout his CrossFit journey. Ian first came to CDR because he wanted to get in shape for Law Enforcement. He was friends with member Chris Crews, and he told Ian to  check out CDR and from then on he’s been hooked! However, those first couple of months were a little rough. Ian was always athletic in High School and played sports, but CrossFit was a whole new game. Ian recalls one of this first workouts, and remembered that burpees destroyed him! But he stuck with it, and went through two back-to-back challenges with Tamera and lost 70 lbs! He continued to work hard, and with the help of the coaching staff, his endurance, strength, and flexibility have all greatly improved.


This last weekend, he attended his L1 Certification at CrossFit Ethos in Laguna Hills. He had this to say about his experience, “The seminar was awesome! Everyone there had so much talent and knowledge to share about CrossFit. It really helped me to get a better understanding of the CrossFit movements, techniques, and coaching cues. It also helped me to identify my own weak points, and what things that I need to fix.” Ian is very excited about coaching, and cannot wait to share what he has learned with the members at CDR. Ian is a dedicated and hardworking individual that will make a great addition to the coaching staff!


This year, CDR is adopting 4 families from the Family Service Association in Redlands. These families are struggling, and need your help  during this holiday season. Many of these families are single-parent, and cannot afford basic necessities such as clothing or food. Many of these children are young and would love to get some new toys underneath their Christmas tree. We are asking for our members at CDR to donate a gift  to help these families. More details will soon follow.

Workout of the Day

Skill: 3 Rounds for Quality

10 each of: Ring Dips, Ring Rows on Box, Hollow Rocks

WOD: 1 min per station with 1 min transition


Mountain Climbers

Power Cleans

Front Squats


Sign up for class here!


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