Tuesday 11.19.14

Nov 19th, 2013

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Tuesday 11.19.14

Partner Week!

Partner week is in full swing, and tomorrow’s WOD is going to be a fun and challenging team experience! Calvin, Jacob, and Jon are partnering up to tackle this chipper and we encourage you all to pick a two teammates to do the same! Being part of a team is something that CDR holds very special and it is truly an honor to be able to compete alongside your close friends. Sharing in the same pain, struggle, and triumph is such a rewarding experience and demonstrates the true value of what teamwork is all about. Each person has strengths and weaknesses, and being part of a team allows each person to play to their strengths, while others can compliment your weaknesses. Your teammates will be there to pick you up when you are having an off day ( I mean we can’t all be Rich Froning) and push you to keep going and try your best. And no matter what the outcome, a win or a loss, it was all because of a team effort–as they say there is no “I” in team, and we hope that all of you now feel a part of a larger team: CrossFit CDR        


Since there is nothing sweeter than a victory shared among friends, come prepared tomorrow with your best pals or we’ll set you up with some great partners to dominate this WOD!

Remember Wednesday bring your Friend and Friday bring your Sweetheart for some very special partners WODs!!

Workout of the Day

3-Person Team WOD

1 Mile Run

2 K Row

100 1′ reach Burpees

150 Pull ups

150 KBS #100/70

100 Thrusters #95/65

100 Push Presses #95/65

Sign up for class here!

Have you seen Andy yet?

Andy Hegel is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist (LMMT), and he has helped a lot of members overcome chronic to acute muscle and joint pain. If you are coming in regularly to WOD chances are you have tight muscles, knots, or scar tissue that would be hard to resolve with mobility alone. He has flexible hours and is always available to see you to make an appointment. Just stop by his door, (across from Women’s restroom) and leave your number or text/call him for scheduling!


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