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Nov 21st, 2013

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Tip Post

Tip of the Day:

 “Want to be Good at Oly?”

Chad Vaughn is a two-time Olympian, a seven-time national champion, and an American record holder in Olympic weightlifting. He has been working with the CrossFit community since 2010, and holds weekly weightlifting classes at his CrossFit box as well as does occasional seminars throughout the U.S. Chad has a natural and matured understanding of body mechanics and is dedicated to helping anyone find their perfect snatch or heftiest clean and jerk.

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By now, most of you are at least familiar with the olympic lifts of the snatch, clean, and clean and jerk, and have discovered that these are NOT simple movements. They require a lot of discipline, skill, strength, and very importantly mobility. Chad Vaughn is a well-established lifter, who wrote an article for the CrossFit Journal entitled: “Want to Be Good at Oly?” In this article he discusses the importance of 4 critical areas in establishing a good foundation for the snatch and clean and jerk:

  1. Receiving positions: In oly lifting, a full range of motion squat is lower than just “hip crease below parallel,” and will help you catch those really heavy lifts. However, most people do not have the flexibility or practice this full range when doing barbell work.
  2. Romanian Deadlift: The most important step in the snatch or clean is the transition point where your bar is above your knees. At this step your shins should be vertical, the bar is close to the body, and your shoulders are still in front of the bar. Utilizing romanian dead lifts are a good way to strengthen and reinforce this transition phase. Click on the link to watch a demo video.
  3. Bar Speed: How many of you have heard: “Don’t rip it from the ground!” Speed right from the ground can lead to errors and the slower you move, the more likely you are to maintain tension, position, and bar proximity. This slow movement needs to be initiated until that transition point right above the knee, then your speed increases and the bar should accelerate.
  4. Focus: These movements are complex and require a lot of different things to be happening simultaneously. Before you lift, narrow your focus on one to three areas that you can say in one word or thought, and then execute that to the best of your ability. 

Since these movements require so much skill, strength, and focus, Coach Jacob is putting on a 3-week Oly Lifting cycle starting December 2nd. The week before the cycle begins he will be working on the basic techniques of these lifts. So if you are planning on attending these Oly lifting sessions, please make sure to come to these tutorials. For more details, ask a Coach.

Workout of the Day

Partner week continues! I hope all you had the chance  to bring in a friend and share in some good old fashion CrossFit moves!

Partner Style:

Run 1 mile
Farmer carry 400m
40-deadlift #275/185
80-sit ups
120-Push ups

Sign up for class here!


Check out this video of Chad Vaughn analyzing his snatch

Check out this video of Chad Vaughn analyzing his clean and jerk 




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