Tuesday 11.12.13

Dec 15th, 2013

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Tuesday 11.12.13

Tip of the Day:

Mastering the Basics

This past weekend coach Jonathan attended a CrossFit gymnastics certification at CrossFit Foundry. This certification was led by David Durante, who was a member of the 2007 Gymnastic World Championships Team where he was the U.S. All-Around champion, and he was one of three alternates selected for the 2008 Summer Olympics for gymnastics. During this certification, Durante talked about the importance of gymnastics in CrossFit, and according to owner Greg Glassman, CrossFit originally incorporated more complex gymnastics movements in the sport. However, people had such a difficult time performing these, that more interest was given to barbell movements. Now it is becoming apparent that CrossFit is bringing back these more complex movements such as in the “Legless” and the “Ocho” events at the 2013 CrossFit Games, which featured legless rope climbs, handstand walks, pistols, muscle-ups, and deficit handstand pushups.

At the seminar, Durante stressed the importance of mastering the fundamentals of the gymnastic movements, which starts with learning how to perform these movements strict before incorporating the kip. Learning strict movements will teach body awareness, add strength, and allow you to gain control over the body.  Strict movements also utilize time under tension. This principle increases strength because when a muscle contracts beyond 50%, blood flow is stopped and waste products start to build up within the muscle. These waste products, such as lactate, increase which in turn stimulates our production of growth hormone. Strict movements involve no period of weightlessness (like in the kip) so the body is in constant tension with your weight. Strict movements also prepare our smaller muscle groups for kipping, which will help keep our should supported and mobile throughout the exercise. Building up those smaller muscles will also help us to prevent slap tears, bicepital tears, shoulder dislocations, and glenoid labrum tears. These can be very serious injuries that can require surgery and months of rehab! If there is no strength in your base, your chances of injury go up significantly.

In these videos below, Coach Carl Paoli of Gymnastics WOD, goes over key points that are often overlooked in executing a quality kipping pull up. The importance of mastering these fundamental progressions is paramount to the long term athletic ability of a CrossFit athlete. Remember that mastering these movements takes time and consistency! However, if we choose to ignore these fundamental components then we can develop habits that are inefficient and can be potentially injurious.

Bar Pull Up Progression

Bar Kip Progression 1

Bar Kip Progression 2

Here’s  a video where Coach Carl discusses leg positioning throughout the kip

Workout of the Day

Strength: 5 Rep Max BS

1 K row


5 Rounds

7 pull-ups

7 ring dips


For more info about pull-up progressions and kipping progressions check out Gymnastics WOD here


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