Tuesday 10.16.12

Oct 15th, 2012

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Tuesday 10.16.12

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting a little cooler (kind of). That means the holiday season will be here before we know it. While the holidays are a time for enjoying family, giving thanks, and celebrating traditions, the season can also be busy, stressful, and full of temptation to stray from your normal healthy routine. How do you balance fitting in all of the activities and demands while maintaining the joy and good cheer? How do you stick to your food and exercise routine so that your hard work is not lost?

Time to make a plan. Before the holidays hit full force, make a plan for the next few months. Anticipate regular activities and events and put them on your calendar. Commit to a WOD schedule that will work with your other demands and keep your health a priority. Try to spread out your commitments and plan for down time as well. Start collecting healthy holiday recipes you’ll be excited to try.

Go into the season STRONG. Get your food, WOD, and recovery strategies in order now. Like getting a running start as you approach a hill, go full steam ahead today. Your extra preparations now will lessen the impact of the inevitable downtime during the holidays. Work hard now, ¬†knowing you’ll be enjoying well deserved rest time soon.

Of course, CDR will be offering support for those of you who want to make a running start at that hill! Those of you that want to go into the season looking and feeling your best… stay tuned for our announcement soon!


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