Tuesday 1.29.13

Jan 28th, 2013

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Tuesday 1.29.13


To make big changes, sometimes it helps to start small. Wellness isn’t an all or nothing proposition. Sometimes, incorporating just a few small changes can make a noticeable difference. And small changes can always be built upon. The success of one change can provide the motivation and encouragement to take the next step. Check out a note from one of our CDR clients – she incorporated just a few tweaks to her current routine.

The few adjustments I have made, have had a huge impact on my performance. The simple things – taking fish oil daily, adding spinach to my protein smoothies and actually drinking most of the ones I make, and having protein in water, etc. post work out and not just on what I think are hard days, but adding it on lesser  work out days as well. My last half marathon in November was a complete disaster for me even though I placed well in my age category. I posted a not so good time, felt like crap at mile 10, and was sore for days after. Yesterday,  I competed in the East Highland Half Marathon, a pretty tough course, and performed well and felt great during the competition and post race. I posted a really good time for that course, won my age group, and was the overall female winner (it was not a big race and not a lot of fast runners were there). I am far from doing things right, but just a little adjustment to a few things in my diet daily have made a big difference. I am motivated to continue with the changes I have made thus far  and to doing things better.

What small change can you make today? Don’t wait for the grand gesture. Don’t wait for the perfect time to overhaul your entire diet. Pick one small thing you can do today.


We have a new shipment of CDR shirts – both red and black shirts! We have tanks and v-necks (black only) for the ladies. If you attended the LA Battle of the Boxes, you get a free shirt! Be sure to pick yours up before supplies run out! When you get yours, mark next to your name on the board.


Warm Up: “Like Jackie”

  • 600m row
  • 30 thrusters
  • 20 pullups
Skill: tempo wall climbs
WOD: 5 REFT of…
  • run 400m
  • dead hang pull ups

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