Tuesday 1.21.14

Jan 21st, 2014

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Tuesday 1.21.14

The Open: You’re Invited!

By now I’m sure us coaches sound like a broken record, “Hey, did you sign up for the open?!” “It will be fun!” I guess some of you are wondering, well I’m never going to compete, so why should I even sign up? On the CrossFit Games website, an ordinary CrossFitter answered this very question. Her article, entitled “The Party We All Get to Crash” discusses why she is choosing to do the Open, and its not because she wants to “prove her fitness,” its because she LOVES CrossFit.

“See, the Open is the party we all get to crash, no matter where we live in this world, no matter where we are on the sickness-wellness continuum. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beast or you’re brand new to the Sport of Fitness—you’re invited.”

Its the opportunity to experience the same aches and pains as Froning, Khalipa, or Valenzuela. You’ll all feel the same rush,  same anxiety, and same joy on the count of 3…2…1…Go! You get to compete alongside your friends and push yourselves to the very edge of your limits, and just when you think you can’t do another rep, your friend is there beside you, telling you that you can. And when its done, you realize that you did better than you ever thought possible, and get to leave the box with your chin up and smile on your face in anticipation for Workout number 2.


Workout of the Day


10 Ground to Overhead #155/105

40 DU’s

10 Ground to Overhead #135/95

40 DU’s

10 Ground to Overhead #115/75

40 DU’s

Inner Box Battle!

This year, our Inner Box Battle will be a fundraiser for the CrossFit Competitor Kevin Ogar, who suffered a major accident during the OC Throwdown Competition.  The deadline for team sign-up will be February 28th. For teams, the minimum donation is $70, and will automatically be charged to your account on March 1st.  If you are not competing, but would like to make a donation, please visit the Ogar Strong website and make a donation whenever you like. Please email Jenny  (Jenny@crossfitcdr.com) with details on how much your team will be donating.

Sign up for class here!


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