Tuesday 1.14.14

Jan 14th, 2014

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Tuesday 1.14.14

“Bring a Friend” Day

Tomorrow we will be having a another chance for you to bring a friend to join in on a WOD. This can be anyone–a neighbor, family member969264_542793162481352_1970294990_n, classmate, co-worker, or someone who wants to know what you mean when you say things like “thrusters,” “cleans,” or “double-unders.” Tomorrow promises to be a a fun WOD that may just get your friend hooked on the love/hate relationship that is CrossFit!

Click here to have your friend schedule a class time and fill out a smart waiver!


Open Registration Begins!

Starting Wednesday January 15th, registration for the 2014 Open goes live! We are encouraging everyone who wants to help get CDR to another CrossFit games to register for our team! The registration fee is only $20, so please register soon by creating a CrossFit ID and registering under the team CDR Redlands. There are a few new things happening for the 2014 season as CrossFit HQ attempts to level the playing field and set stricter standards for open competition:

  • WODs will be posted on Thursday and will need to be submitted no later than 5 pm on the following Monday
  • All individual athletes now need to videotape all workouts and have scores validated by an affiliate manager
  • The Masters will have 4 additional qualifying workouts in order to advance to the Games
  • There will be wildcard spots available for individual competitors, instead of automatically inviting past Games winners
  • Team members need to provide photographic documentation of their training sessions
  • There will be more unannounced drug testing

Inner Box Battle:Kevin Ogar Fundraiser

Many of you witnessed Kevin Ogar’s accident this past weekend at the OC Throwdown. During the snatch event, he unfortunately severed his spinal cord between his T11 and T12 vertebrae. His recovery process will be ongoing, but he will never compete again. Kevin does not have health insurance, and so this year’s 4th Annual Inner Box Battle will be a fundraising event that will go towards paying his growing medical bills. The minimum donation per team will be $70, and any amount above that would be greatly appreciated. Kevin and his family are going through a rough time, so please send your positive thoughts and prayers their way! There is now a sign up list on the whiteboard, please write down your team or your name if you are interested, and a coach will pair you up!

Workout of the Day



30 sec on/ 3o sec off

Skill: 3 rep max tap-n-go Clean

Sign up for class here!


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