Thursday 9.27.12

Sep 26th, 2012

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Thursday 9.27.12

As most of you know, we just wrapped up our Good Fight Challenge. Tim won the challenge by losing 27 lbs and 6.5% body fat. He has been gracious enough to share some thoughts about his experience.

I want to express my appreciation for your support during the Good Fight Challenge.  When I came to Crossfit CDR, my goal was to reduce my back pain/injuries and increase my flexibility.  I struggled to keep up during the WODs and one day Calvin told me that I needed to lose weight and that I should sign up for the challenge.  I have never followed any special diet in my life, so I was extremely skeptical, but I knew that I needed to do something.

The eleven-page support document is extremely helpful.  I had to carry it around for the first two weeks to help build my structured meals.  I don’t think I could have been successful without it.  I also found it extremely helpful that you offered the weekly check-in.  Even though I missed most of the meetings, it kept me engaged, as I wanted to show progress each week.

Support through this challenge is crucial, and I have to thank my lovely wife because she did most the shopping and cooking throughout the six weeks.  I would not have eaten the variety that I did as she found the recipes for the different meals we made.  We were in this thing together which made us stronger.

I also could not have done this without the support of the whole staff at Crossfit.  Everyone there provides constant positive support.  I enjoy the atmosphere so much; I look forward to when I can increase my schedule.

What I find most amazing is how fast you can make such drastic changes.  In just six weeks I lost 27lbs and 6% body fat!  It happened so fast, I did not realize how much better I felt just three to four weeks into the challenge.  I am back at my weight from about 12 years ago, but I really have more energy and strength than I did back then.

To anyone who is thinking of signing up for a challenge, just do it!  The challenge is like everything else at Crossfit, difficult and worth the results. I am truly grateful that you accepted me in the Good Fight Challenge.  I will wear my new shoes with pride!


Tim Ramirez


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