Thursday 9.20.12

Sep 19th, 2012

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Thursday 9.20.12


We are proud to be supporting a local cause this year. The CDR community is strong and we want to share our strength within the larger community we live in. We chose Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, knowing the quality of services they provide to seriously ill or injured children and their families. A CDR member recently shared her own family’s story and explained how LLUCH saved her son’s life.

We live near the canyon and all the boys in the neighborhood ride their dirt bikes down our street into the canyon. One day two of the boys were racing back home like they always did and my son locked his brakes up and ran 50+ mph into our neighbor’s car who was pulling into his driveway. Jordan hit the car with his chest and leg. Broke his femur, collapsed both lungs, bleeding internally. He had a helmet and boots which saved his life as he slid part way on his head. We were fortunate because the Fire Marshall was on his way home and called 911 (we get terrible reception up here). Jordan lost conciseness in the ambulance and was checked into LLUCH as Zeb Doe because they did not have his ID. He was 18, but looked much younger, so they took him into surgery at Children’s hospital. If they had not acted as quickly as they did he would have died, we were told after. Dave & I were escorted into a private room, a room later we were told was for parents whose children do not come out of surgery. Jordan’s spleen was removed and had a rod placed through his knee up through his femur. He was intubated and in ICU for a little over a week. The best surgeons in the country are at this hospital and we are so blessed to be so close. Jordan is fully recovered and only has a long scar on his chest. He jokes and says he’s going to get a tattoo over the scar to look like a zipper¬†smile¬†His dream of joining the Coast Guard was denied because of his injuries and metal in his leg, but all is good. He is on to better things. We had the most incredible experience at LLUCH and got to see a true miracle. I have been involved ever since with Big Hearts for Little Hearts and wholeheartedly support all fundraising efforts.

Our CDR members have already been so generous in their support and donations for this cause. We are excited to celebrate with you on Saturday while we raise money for this great cause!


The CDR Kids demonstrate the WOD.

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Mandy Hegel, our Medical Massage Therapist, is on site to assist you with your prevention and recovery needs. She is very effective and highly recommended. Her schedule and contact information is posted on her door, at the end of the hallway, within CDR.


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