Thursday 4.18.13

Apr 17th, 2013

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Thursday 4.18.13


Back pain is so common that more than 80% of American’s report being affected and back pain sends more patients to the doctor than any condition other than the common cold. If you find yourself dealing with back pain, you might want to take a look at the habits that are common culprits. By making some minor adjustments, you may be able to prevent back pain. Do any of these apply to you?

  1. You’re a desk jockey
  2. You have a long commute
  3. You skip the gym
  4. You skip your mobility exercises [I modified this one a bit]
  5. You’re a crunch addict
  6. You’re not the best eater
  7. Your life is in your purse
  8. Your mattress is really old
  9. Your bike isn’t quite right
  10. You love high heels
  11. You ignore the pain
  12. You hold a grudge
  13. You don’t veg out
  14. You watch too much tv

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If you are dealing with back pain, we recommend that you seek assistance from a professional. We’ve got our medical massage therapists, Mandy and Andy, on site, as well as Jason Ravel for soft tissue work.

Coach Jon and Coach Jacob


10 – press

20 – overhead squat

15 – push press

25 – front squat

20 – push jerk

30 – back squat  95/65

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