Thursday 12.6.12

Dec 5th, 2012

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Thursday 12.6.12


We are going to have a CDR kids session during the holiday break. Classes will be Mondays and Thursday at 10:15-11am. We will either start 12/20 or 12/24, depending on interest. The cost will be $60 for 5 classes if we start on the 20th, $50 for 4 classes if we start on the 24th. Subsequent classes will be 12/27. 12/31, and 1/3. Sign up on the whiteboard and indicate if you child(ren) will start on the 20th or 24th. We need at least 10 sign ups to start the class.


As you know, no two challenges are ever the same. And, as I always promise, this challenge will be the best one yet! We are going to have three categories with three different programs.

  1. Get Yoked (or Yolked!) – This is for those that want to pack on some muscle and see HUGE strength gains. Both food and workouts will be programmed specifically for muscle and strength. You will lift heavy and eat big. This program will include a minimum of 4 meals, with 2 prescribed smoothies and 2 Structured Paleo meals. Workouts will include specific WOD (2 per week) and strength programming (4 times per week).
  2. Get Lean – This is for those with at least 20 pounds to lose. We’ll focus on losing body fat, maintaining muscle mass, improving energy, reducing cravings and creating long-term habits for weight loss and maintenance. This program will include 3 to 4 WOD per week, and 3 Structured Paleo meals per day.
  3. Get Fit – This is for anyone wanting to commit to healthy eating habits and consistent workouts. We’ll focus on consistency in workouts and food. Meals will start with Structured Paleo guidelines and be tailored as needed.

All three options will include:

  • Hydrostatic body fat testing
  • Kick-off meeting to go over guidelines and program
  • Before and after photos
  • Weekly meetings
  • Adjustments to individual programs as needed to meet your goals
  • Photo food logging and review

The Challenge will be limited to 50 participants TOTAL, across all three options. Only paid spots will be reserved. The last day to register will be January 7th, so we have the opportunity to create more individualized programming based on our registered participants. The cost is $150, cash or check. Register with Tamera. Email with any questions –


Andy is our newest medical massage therapist. Calvin, Rachel and several of our competitive athletes see Andy to work out their toughest bits. Don’t expect a vacation-style, umbrella-in-your-drink massage. Andy is serious about helping our athletes get the most out of their workouts by preventing and reducing pain and injuries.

You have an opportunity to give him a try at an Introductory Rate of $50/ hour. This rate won’t last long, so schedule now. You can sign up on the whiteboard or text him at (909)723-7754.


View the WOD demo here.

Sign up for class here.


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