Thursday 12.27.12

Dec 26th, 2012

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Thursday 12.27.12


We are excited to announce that we are partnering with J & J Grass-Fed Beef to get monthly deliveries to CrossFit CDR! While we’ve experimented with different methods for getting quality meats to our members, this option seems like it will be the most convenient for everyone!

Check out their website,, to find out what they are all about. If you want to buy meat, go to their “How to Purchase” page and sign up for their CSA program. Once you sign up, you can choose a CSA pack to purchase. The packs range from 4 lbs to 17 lbs and the price per pound ranges from $9.25 to $13.75, depending on the cuts. After you order a CSA pack, you can choose individual cuts to add to your order – they have everything including ground beef, roasts, steaks, sausage, jerky, organ meat, and bones. The beef will be delivered to CDR once a month – the 3rd Thursday of every month and the cut off to order is the Wednesday prior. After you sign up, you’ll get reminder emails of the deadlines every month! You don’t need to order every month. The meat will be stored in a designated freezer here at CDR until you are able to pick up (but we can’t be responsible for any damage to meat left at CDR after the delivery date). Every order will be packaged and labeled by J & J, so pick up will be easy.

Our first delivery will arrive January 17th.

The deadline to order for Jan 17th delivery is Jan 9th. 

Sign up and purchase here.

If you have any questions, please email

From their website…

J & J Grassfed Beef is a partnership between two California ranching families, committed to bringing you the healthiest and finest quality grass-fed beef on the market. Utilizing the ideal pasture conditions of the northern coast during the summer months and the sunny southern valleys in the winter, J & J’s cattle are always grazing on healthy, succulent grass for the better of the cattle and the meat they provide.

Our grass-fed cattle are never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

They are raised to provide all the healthy benefits that grass-fed beef can provide such as:

Higher levels of vitamin A and E: Important vitamins and antioxidants.

More Omega 3’s: Contributing to a better Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio of essential fatty acids helping to reduce inflammation, and prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease and arthritis.

Increased levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Which can help to reduce bad cholesterol levels, or LDLs, and aids in the reduction of body fat mass.


If you are signed up for the Inner Box Battle, your card will be charged the Early Bird rate on Friday, 12/28 (unless you have already paid cash). Each individual will be charged $60 for the team total of $120. Anyone who signs up after 112/28 and before 1/15 will pay the regular rate of $75 per person ($150 per team).

The last day to sign up for the January Challenges – Get Yoked, Get Fit, and Get Lean – is January 7th, if it does not fill up earlier. Pay cash or check to reserve your spot. Only paid spots will be held.

AMRAP 8 minutes
  • 7 dead lift
  • 14 toes to bar
  • 7 plyo push ups
Sign up for class here.


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