Thursday 12.13.12

Dec 12th, 2012

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Thursday 12.13.12


Transference is the unconscious redirecting of feelings from one thing to another. Have you ever felt so good after a CDR WOD that you felt a little stronger, bolder, braver, while tackling another task during the day? That’s transference.

Every day you go to your CrossFit affiliate and work out, you are in fact drawing a line and crossing it. That line is mediocrity, and once you cross the threshold and “Go!” is called out, you’ve already crossed the line to success. PR or not, RX or not, giving your all in the pursuit of something that gives you meaning and connectedness will extend far beyond the box.

Read the article – CrossFit Journal, CrossFit Transference, by Chris Cavallerano

*Great article made even better by the photo on page 4!


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