Thursday 11.14.13

Nov 14th, 2013

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Thursday 11.14.13

CrossFit CDR :

One Team, One Family

When I moved to Redlands from Long Beach 2 years ago I didn’t know anyone, and all of my friends and family were 60 miles away. Although I seem outgoing, I was still hesitant when I first walked through those glass doors at CrossFit CDR….it was pretty intimidating. Everyone already knew each other, they knew all the moves,and  they knew all the terms. They seemed pretty comfortable cdr3with one another, so I thought that it would be hard to make friends, but I was dead wrong!  I started to WOD everyday at 8 am, and like clockwork so did all of the same people (that’s why you may hear me say that 8 am is “my class”). Everyone was friendly, and as we suffered through the same brutal workouts, shared in new PR’s, and cheered each other on at the end of WOD, it brought us all together. After a short time we all got to know each other and I consider them to be some of my closest friends.

I’m sure most of you have similar stories of first starting out at CDR, and  its obvious that all of you have become friends with other class members as evidenced by your smiling faces, laughter, and lots of cheering during your workouts. This aspect of CDR is absolutely amazing, and it makes me proud to be both a coach and member of this box. It’s a joy to come here everyday and coach members who are also my friends. CDR has truly created a family atmosphere and that is apparent as all of you so graciously donated both money and items to the Heighes family when they lost their home, donated money, supplies, and your time for our 2013 Games Team, as well as continually give your time and prayers to other members when they are sick or going through a difficult time. Being a part of a family has helped many of you in your athletic


performance as well, because the encouragement and trust you have in your fellow classmates helps you push harder and achieve things you may have never thought possible. This is what makes CrossFit CDR more than just a box, its a place where people can come together and share not only in workouts, but also in each other’s lives.

Our CDR community is constantly growing, and you might have seen some new faces around the box. Remember how you first felt coming to class? So please, welcome them into our family and show them how CrossFit CDR stands alone among other CrossFit boxes.



of the Day

    Skill: Clean Complex      


   Heavy but not maximal

WOD: 18 min AMRAP
Row 400/350
15-S to OH #135/95
15-FR Lunges #135/95

New Product!!!

We just got in a shipment of new Reebok jackets just in time for these cold mornings! There are two styles for each jacket, with limited sizes available, so you better scoop them up quick!

Mens: Reebok Black Track Jacket and Black Fleece

Women’s: Red Track Jacket and Grey Fleece

Also, watch out for some CrossFit CDR sweatshirts, they will be coming soon!

DSC_0001 DSC_0005

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