Thursday 10.25.12

Oct 24th, 2012

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Thursday 10.25.12


For the most part, failure is something we avoid. No one likes to fail. So naturally, many of us avoid opportunities to fail. However, the opportunities to fail are also the same opportunities needed to experience success and growth. Problem is, we only know the outcome after we’ve taken the risk. Knowing that failure is an option can make us hesitant to try.

Do you ever stop yourself from trying something because you know that you might fail? Do you ever avoid taking a risk because you aren’t absolutely confident that you will succeed? Are you holding yourself back and preventing success because you’re afraid to fail?

CrossFit gives us the opportunity to redefine failure in a way that can make us stronger physically and mentally. When we attempt a 1 rep max, we don’t truly know our max until we’ve gone beyond it. That means building up incrementally (small, calculated risks), experiencing greater strain, struggle and discomfort each time, until you can no longer successfully complete the lift. When we fail to complete the lift, we may even continue to try, by tweaking our technique, seeking greater encouragement from our peers and coaches, or just mentally preparing to try again. Often, we can overcome failure by trying again. By failing, we learn what we are capable of.

Does this apply outside of the box? Would you take more risks if you approached other opportunities the same way? By going beyond what we already know we’re capable of, we have the opportunity to grow and succeed beyond what we ever knew was possible.

What if we re-define failure as part of the process of being successful? It becomes empowering rather than limiting.

There is no failure except in no longer trying. -Elbert Hubbard


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