Thursday 1.9.14

Jan 9th, 2014

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Thursday 1.9.14

Myofascial Release: Is it Important?

Myofascial Relsease, or soft tissue work, is a therapeutic technique used for the preventative maintenance of your musculature to decrease muscle density, correct muscle imbalance, improve joint range of motion, maintain muscular strength, and improve the balance in your kinetic chain. Your kinetic chain is comprised of your muscle, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, central nervous system, and joints. All of these systems work interdependently and if one is imbalanced, it throws the whole system off. Our resident massage therapist, Andy Hegel, has been working on CDR members for a year and understands tphoto-1he importance of continual soft tissue work in maintaining and elevating athletic performance. For example, if you have tight calves, this can alter your range of motion in a squat, causing you to crash at the bottom, have your knees come past toes, and your heels to pick up off the floor. Every time you squat like this, you increase fatigue, lose power, and could elicit injury. Your body begins to develop muscle memory of this bad movement, and even if you eventually correct your muscle imbalance, your body will still continue to move with incorrect form.



Andy Hegel is not only a massage therapist, he is also an avid CrossFitter. He knows the types of aches, pains, and mobility issues that can arise from doing WODs, so he is well aware of the type of therapeutic needs you all have. He has already helped a lot of members resolve muscular imbalances, allowing them to move with greater ease and power. He is here to help all of you achieve good flexibility and movement so that you can perform the workouts with efficiency and without injury. He is available to schedule appointments seven days a week, and he can be reached via text at


Workout of the Day

WOD: AMRAP 4 Minutes

OLY: 15 minutes to build up to a Max Power Snatch

Schedule Update!!

The box will be closed this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, as we will all be going to the OC Throwdown to cheer on Coach Calvin Davis!

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