Thursday 1.23.14

Jan 23rd, 2014

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Thursday 1.23.14

LA Fit Expo 2014!!

All three workouts have been revealed and our 5 teams are getting pumped to compete on Sunday! All three workouts will test our athletes’ skills in communication, teamwork, stamina, endurance, power, and technique. We hope that all of you can come out to support our teams in their fight for a podium finish! In addition to all the great CrossFit action, the Fit Expo will be featuring a ton of events and vendors that are supplying quality products to the fitness and health community, including : BSN, Food for Life Baking Co., MRM, Dymatize, LifeAsRx, Marc Pro, MHP, Muscle Egg, Progenex USA, Question Nutrition, Rock Tape, Speed Builder, Vega, and many, many more!

Also, our very own Jacob Heighes will be competing in the American Record Makers 2014 Olympic Weightlifting Competition on Saturday! This competition will feature the top junior and senior lifters in trying to break or come close to the American records in the totals of the snatch and the clean and jerk. The top male and female athletes who have the highest percentage of the existing records will receive $1,000! This event runs from 12:00 pm-3:00 pm, so if you can make it Saturday as well, let’s cheer Jacob on to a first place finish! GO C-D-R!!!


Sunday 26th: Heat Schedule

Ian/Roger/Kim/Harmony: 10:39 & 1:56

Balanay/Crews/Jacqi/Christie: 11:03 & 2:22

Paul/Andy/Victoria/Alli: 11:15 & 2:35

Steve/Matt/Heidi/Jocelin: 11:39 & 3:01

Calvin/Jacob/Christina/Nellie: 12:39 & 4:06

Workout of the Day

Strength: BackSquat 2 Rep Max

WOD: Helen


400 m Run

21 KBS

12 Pull-ups

Sign up for class here!


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