Thursday 1.16.14

Jan 16th, 2014

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Thursday 1.16.14

The “New Year New YOU” Challenge Begins!

Today starts the 8-week “New Year New YOU” challenge, and our participants are ready and determined to get healthy and fit! These challenges are not only just to change your eating habits, but to also give you the support and accountability that is so vital to weight loss. That is because changing how you eat is HARD, it’s not only a matter of will power, it’s also about understanding the emotional, psychological, financial, and environmental aspects that are a part of the eating process and changing these as well. For example, think about what you eat for breakfast…okay, let’s say  you have two kids to get ready for school, you have to pack their lunches, make their breakfast, as well as prepare your lunch and pack your gym clothes. This may leave you with 5 minutes to eat–what do you choose? A cup of coffee? A banana? Dare I say it…a muffin?? Many of us are faced with these types of dilemmas everyday, and that is why you need to be prepared for these situations. PLAN PLAN PLAN! If you know you are always strapped for time in the morning, make breakfast the night before, have the kids’ lunches made and ready to go, as well as your gym bag. Often people who use the excuse, “I don’t have enough time to eat healthy!,” are just trying to look for an easy way out. Now I didn’t say it wasn’t hard work, (it is!) but just think about your goals for a second. Picture them in your mind before you take a sip of that caramel latte or a bite of that bagel, and ask yourself, “Will this get me closer to my goal or farther from it?” There are many strategies that are useful in reaching your goals, and here are two articles that I found helpful:

The Mindful Self-Express

5 Cognitive Behavioral Strategies for Weight Loss

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Workout of the Day

 “Be Ready for Anthything”

The Open is HERE!

Today you can officially register for the 2014 OPEN! There will be a sign up list on the whiteboard next to the AquaHydrate for people who are registered. If you are still unsure about signing up, just remember that we are all in this together to get Team CDR to a third CrossFit Games! One Community, One Team!

Heres the link to sign up!

Sign up for class here!


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