Thursday 07.18.13

Jul 18th, 2013

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Thursday 07.18.13

CDR Member Spotlight: Meet Mark Farrell…









Coach Calvin says that Mark is….

  • Consistent
  • Enthusiastic about coming to class
  • Positive and friendly to others
  • Great motor
  • Comes to every single CDR event

When is your favorite class time to WOD?

9am with all the HOT MOMS!! But I’m a 5:30 pm guy it works out perfect for me, right when I get off work I head straight to the box.

What are some of your favorite movements? Least?

Favorite movements, Muscle ups and Power cleans
Least favorite by far is OHS and SNATCH

What is your favorite WOD?


What is your favorite memory at CDR?

Best Memory is dressing as Richard Simmons for my Birthday WOD 2 years ago. I believe we did the DIRTY 32 haha

What keeps you coming back to CDR?

Hmmm, I just think that Jacob looks so dang cute in his pool cleaning uniform haha. No but really I just love everything about the place.

How has your commitment to CDR affected your life outside of the box?

That’s a good one, I guess it’s once again the family!! I love how I can have coffee in the morning at STELL knowing that Padgett and Doherty will be there to talk about how torn back we are from the WOD the day before! Everywhere I go I’ll see a CDR member and I love it. I’ve made so many friends, you can’t beat it.

What have you found to be most helpful in your WOD recovery?

Post WOD recovery – Hangar 24 Amarillo Pale Ale!!! The hops sooth my sore muscles!!!! SORRY Tmac

What do you do for work?

I am a Landscaper by trade, sales and marketing side of things. It’s funny I’ve turned down job offers cuz I would have to move and go to another box. Kind of strange right? But I guess CDR is where I’m stuck!!

Do you have any hobbies/what do you do for fun?

Hobbies!!!! I’m a big water sports guy wake boarding waterskiing the works!! Another good memory is the CDR Havasu trip where my nickname “The Farrell” came about, while wake boarding I decide to throw out a Back Roll, Calvin and Rachel both saw it. I think they both thought I was a pretty uncoordinated guy but little did they know I can hang with the best of them behind the Boat!!! LOL

Any additional comments?

LADIES I’m single. Haha.


Thanks, Mark! We love that you are a part of CDR!

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