The Thirthy, Thirty, Thirty….Begins April First. Monday 03/25/19

Mar 24th, 2019

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The Thirthy, Thirty, Thirty….Begins April First. Monday 03/25/19

Starting April 1st we will begin the 30/30/30  Spring Challenge!

30/30/30= 30 Points, in 30 Days, or Donate $30

Cost of this challenge is FREE unless you do not complete it…..If you do not earn your 30 points, we will donate $30, on your behalf, to a local charity.

How to earn your 30 points is quite simple:

1 point per class taken at CDR  (Your classes will count throughout the entire month of April)

1 point per lbs of weight loss  (You can weigh in April 1st with an instructor on our scale, and check in throughout the month for lbs lost and points earned)

1 point per Social Media post (You will tag @cdrfitness, and use our hashtags #redlandsfitness #CDRstrong in each post. Be creative, here are some ideas….Post WOD selfie, Pic with your workout buddies, Favorite movement while out in Redlands, Bef0re/After photo, Check in on FB and talk about your workout for the day) .


Here are some tips for your nutrition during this time: 

Eat only whole foods…If it doesn’t grow naturally, don’t eat it. 

-Stay away from grains, and processed carbohydrates they cause inflammation.
-Drink 100oz of water per day to help flush the toxins from your system. 
-Try intermittent fasting…After dinner, try to work up to 16 hours before eating your next meal (ex – 7pm-11am). When you break the fast {where we get the word “breakfast)….make sure it’s a clean, nutrient dense meal.
-Drink herbal teas.

If you would like personal guidance and make the most out of the 30 days, you can add a personal nutrition challenge with us during this period. The cost is 75.00, and we will meet with you for 30 minutes to go over the food plan you will follow during the 30 days. We also will do weekly weigh ins with you for accountability. Tell us in person or reply to this email if you would like to take advantage of this added benefit.

Mindful Tips
-Destress- Get outdoors….a hike, the beach, the mountains,  sun bathe, or nature bathe in some fresh air, it does a body good!
-Download the app “Think Dirty”-This will show you the toxicity in the common products you use on a daily basis. such as deodorant/hair gel/shampoo….etc. {Even if it’s “clean” or “organic” it can contain toxins….we were shocked at the high level of toxins in some of the high quality products we were personally using!}
-Try reducing the amount of chemicals you come into contact with…. Use Norwex rags and clean with water only instead of cleaning your house and your bodies with toxic chemicals and soap.
-Clean up the air in your house by adding 1 plant per 100 square feet in your home and/or an air purifier. 
-Go to bed an 3-=60 minutes earlier if you aren’t getting at least 7 hours of sleep.
-Try a Neck Hammock 10 min a night…..Wonderful to reduce shoulder/neck stress and help calm you down before getting into bed.


Workouts this week

Monday, March 25, 2019
10- Pushups to D Dog
20-Single Leg DL
20/12 Assault sprint
3RM Front Squat
Cardio Option
1min at each rest 1 min between

Lunge of Choice
Abs of Choice
x 6 Rounds

For Time
20- BBJO 24/20
30-Power Snatches 75/52
50/35- Assault


Tuesday, March 26, 2019
E2M Bowl 100m exactly
Miss and do burpees/Air squat etc in
remaining time
3 Rounds of
500 m Row
12 Power Cleans 135/95
Mobility or sprints


Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Amrap 4
Amrap 4
Amrap 4


Thursday, March 28, 2019
Warm up: EMOM 20
1-Max Calories
2-Max V UPS
3-Max Curtsie lunge
“Pick your goat day”
odd minutes X
even minutes Y


Friday, March 29, 2019
Team WOD
Run 400
40 Deadlift
40 Pushups
40 Thrusters
40 Hollow Rocks
Rest 2 min
2k Relay Row
Rest 2 min
Run 200
20 Squat Cleans
20 Wall Climbs or MU
20 Power Sn
20 V ups With Med Ball
Rest 2 min
Row 2k relay


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